Upcoming Show at Texan Theater

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In May, I was invited to perform at Dream Night Talent Search at this gorgeous theater in Greenville TX (if you’ve seen the movie I Can Only Imagine, this is where Bart Millard from Mercy Me grew up). While I didn’t win the contest, I did get invited back to play at this theater by a man named Friendlee. He was partly responsible for helping Miranda Lambert get her big break, and he also knew Kacey Musgraves before she was famous. Interesting man with a lot of stories to tell.

Anyway, I will be performing at his show Friendlee Live! on SEPTEMBER 5, 2018 for a special Christian segment. After performing in several types of venues, I have realized that performing Christian shows are the most rewarding for me, and I haven’t gone back to playing coffeeshops, bars, or restaurants because it’s so discouraging to work so hard just to be background noise. When you do this for long enough, you decide it’s not worth performing if you’re not enjoying it.

But this show should be a super fun one, so if you’re in the North Texas area, I hope you will join me for this show at 12pm at Texan Theater in Greenville TX.

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