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Amy Goloby Back to New CD

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I write real songs from my own personal experiences. All my songs are 100% written by me.

With music on the radio, most songs are written by a team of people. It’s hard to find true ORIGINAL songs written solely by the artist anymore.

Also, my music isn’t saturated with auto-tuning or fake instruments. I use REAL instruments in my recordings and all my songs have a full-band sound.

This CD was recorded in Nashville with talented musicians, including Steven Thomas, the fiddle player for country artist Alan Jackson.

My CDs come with foldout lyric booklets that include photos of me plus lyrics to ALL my songs.

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If you love these artists, then you’ll love my music:

  • Brandi Carlile

  • Avett Brothers

  • Drew Holcomb

  • Griffin House

  • Mumford & Sons

  • Alanis Morisette

  • The Cranberries

  • Joni Mitchell

  • Jewel

  • John Mayer

Why Support Indie Music?

Artists who are signed to record labels have teams of people spending thousands of dollars to promote their music, even if it isn’t good.

For indie artists like me, we are funded by our fans and our own pockets. There are thousands of great artists who never become famous because they’re not willing to sell their souls to the record labels.

When you purchase directly from me, you are showing that you want to hear more indie music. All the money goes directly to my next recording, rather than iTunes or Spotify, who take a large chunk out of an artist’s income.

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Testimonials & Reviews

“A disc of emotional content, speaking of God, of faith, of marriage and of all of it in the difficulties. Without being prejudiced with that, the album is very well done, with quality and compositions very inspired by this style. Amy Goloby makes ” Back to New ” a very good album, which is easily heard without losing quality. Only for songs like “Least of These” is it worth to listen to this work. Very nice…”


“Through a very specific southern feel, Amy transpires sincerity and authenticity. She clearly had some tough times and is now getting over it all through music. The use of violin throughout the album is a nice addition to the whole folk feel, bringing even more authenticity to the voice she wants to express. Most of her songs feel perfect for a camp fire evening, while making s’mores. Though some of her lyrics are sad and tell her story of hardship in love, Amy’s songs do feel safe. She puts it all out there for you to relate to your own story.”

Severine Baron

“Back to New is a disc of American musical roots and lyrics that speak of love from the perspective of a religious faith. It contains compositions that move intelligently between the acoustic emotional pop and an almost country style of recognizable instruments and melodies that, without further pretensions, place us where the author wants. And that is a merit in itself.”


I do not normally listen to this genre of music, but I can say I really liked it. Your voice is amazing!


Brilliant writing and memorable hooks and music!


Great voice with just a touch of country instrumentation. 


Very heartfelt lyrics delivered by a woman with an amazing voice!


Your music is medicine, Amy.


Your music helped me out of a dark place at the time.


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