Waiting on Answered Prayer

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The hardest thing about life is unanswered prayer. Throughout my 20s, I prayed for a husband. I met the man of my dreams, and then he married someone else. I hit 30, and I remained single. The waiting period was excruciating. The hardest thing about waiting was not knowing if God would ever answer. I […]

Upcoming Show at Texan Theater

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In May, I was invited to perform at Dream Night Talent Search at this gorgeous theater in Greenville TX (if you’ve seen the movie I Can Only Imagine, this is where Bart Millard from Mercy Me grew up). While I didn’t win the contest, I did get invited back to play at this theater by […]

God is Stronger Than Your Past

face of god

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I remember when I wrote the song Face of God. I was sitting in my room at my apartment. My roommate wasn’t home, and I had been listening to Mumford and Sons a lot. They had just made their debut, and I was trying to learn their new song. In the midst of me playing […]

The World Needs Your Dream

Amy Goloby at AMTC Shine

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It was December 2012. I had just moved back home from Austin, and I had this big goal in mind that I wanted to perform my songs before the year was over. I had procrastinated ALL YEAR because I was too afraid, and now I had only a couple weeks left before the New Year, […]