Sneak Peek of My 2021 Plans

Nobody needs me to tell them how wackadoodle 2020 was. I think we’re all in the same boat in that most of our plans got derailed, and this year just didn’t go as we expected.

Aside from the pandemic and this horrid election year, I also lost my job, battled with infertility, my unemployment benefits were delayed for 3 months, 3 family members passed away, and I dealt with anxiety due to all of the above.

In spite of all the trials and setbacks, I still managed to accomplish some goals this year. For instance, I took a 6-month writing class and finally finished a novel I’ve been working on for 13 years!!! We sold our condo, putting some money back in the bank, I took a music marketing class, we went camping, traveled to Branson and Oregon, and I continued writing songs.

So what are my hopes for next year?

Well, for starters, I’d like to polish my now-finished manuscript and start querying for literary agents. This is the best way to get published, which has been a lifelong goal of mine since I started writing fiction as a kid.

Secondly, my husband and I will continue trying to build our family and keep preparing our house for future children. I will keep writing songs, and I am hoping that my finances will allow me to record a few singles. I’m not ready to record a full album just yet because these are extremely costly, and this streaming world favors singles, but I would like to put out a few songs in the coming months.

Another reason I don’t want to put out a full album is because I want to try out different producers and find a new sound. When recording an album, your producer is really in charge of your “sound.” While I love my last 2 albums, I’d like to experiment with a more indie folk pop sound rather than the country folk my previous albums were.

I’d also like to pursue sync licensing, which is getting my music into TV shows, movies, and commercials. My songs have to be top notch quality, and I’d like to find a producer who is well-versed in this industry.

Lastly, I’d like to start traveling again! In 2019, my husband and I traveled almost once every month (we went to Europe 3 times!), and 2020 really put a damper on that. We both love exploration and adventures, and we’re hoping to go to Mexico for my birthday! Our trip to Greece this year got postponed for Fall 2021, so I’m hoping that will also happen.

What are your hopes, dreams, and plans for 2021? What do you hope to put behind you from this year and move forward to in the next?

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