Waiting on Answered Prayer

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The hardest thing about life is unanswered prayer.
Throughout my 20s, I prayed for a husband. I met the man of my dreams, and then he married someone else. I hit 30, and I remained single.
The waiting period was excruciating.
The hardest thing about waiting was not knowing if God would ever answer. I felt I was doing something wrong, or that something was wrong with me. I dated the wrong people because I was impatient and wanted to do something about it.
I felt out of control.
The thing about life is that we can’t control God or when He will answer our prayer. I couldn’t control who I would meet or when.
But I did learn one thing: taking matters in my own hands never works. It all leads to dust and destruction.
You would think I would have learned to trust God after awhile and leave things in His hands, but it wasn’t until I turned 32 that I finally surrendered my love life to God. I learned that the only thing I could control was my prayers. So I bought a prayer book for my future husband and started praying for him, wherever and whoever he was.
Wouldn’t you know that I didn’t even finish that book before my husband finally came along. He too had surrendered his love life to God and wasn’t sure what would happen.
Here were two heartbroken people that couldn’t have known that God would bring us together. We actually met in middle school, and I had a crush on him in high school. We went our separate ways in college and didn’t speak again until Facebook came along. Even then, we were still just acquaintances.
But we had a special spark, and we met in person for the first time since high school. We hit it off and started talking everyday. Only six months later, we were engaged, and five months after that we were married.
God can change things in an instant. But we didn’t know that a year before we were married.
All of us are waiting for something in life. A spouse, a job, a house, a baby, for your circumstances to change or get better. We live in this fallen, broken world, and life will never be perfect. What do we do with our waiting times?
Trust God.
I wrote this song “Wait My Dear” when I was waiting for my husband to arrive. It’s about trusting God even when life doesn’t make sense. We may not understand His plan, but if we just trust Him and relent, we’ll save ourselves a lot of fear and doubt.
Whatever you’re waiting for, I pray this song will give you peace during this trying time. You can listen to it here.
Don’t give up. Trust that God has a plan for you today.
God bless,
Click here to listen to “Wait My Dear.”

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